APA – Upskilling Operators to Interface with AEMO

APA – Upskilling Operators to Interface with Power Systems Operators


APA is a leading Australian energy infrastructure business, which owns, manages and operates a portfolio of assets in excess of $21 billion. These assets include gas transmission pipelines, gas storage and processing facilities and a gas distribution network. APA also have investments in energy infrastructure including the electricity interconnectors, Murraylink and Directlink.

APA provides asset management services for most of their energy assets and investments, including the operation of a 24/7 control room to operate the gas transmission network and a growing portfolio of renewable generation assets.

Our role

Thomson Bridge already provides High Voltage operator training to staff at the Interconnector assets in South Australia and NSW. These programs include advice on interface protocols and communications with transmission network control rooms.

Based on this relationship, APA retained Thomson Bridge to develop and deliver technical training to upskill existing control room operators in undertaking effective interface communications with transmission network owners and the energy market regulator, AEMO.

The training was contextualised to the APA portfolio and operator protocols.

Project Details

  • Client: APA Group
  • Industry: Generation - Control room interface
  • Location: Brisbane
  • Our role: Upskill control room operators to transition from traditional gas monitoring and control to the operation and control of HV DC links. Upskilling operators from management of gas with AEMO to the inclusion of HV
  • Outcome: Cross skilling operators to effectively and confidently communicate with network power systems control.