A state-wide accreditation program for safe access to ElectraNet's SA Transmission network


ElectraNet owns and operates over $2.5 billion of electricity transmission assets that transport electricity over long distances and to remote areas in South Australia.

As part of the Network’s continuous improvement program, ElectraNet undertook a major review of its Transmission Asset Access Rules which form an essential part of their Safety Management System.

It is mandatory to be trained and operate under these rules. ElectraNet required a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to partner with to develop courses and roll out an initial and ongoing refresher training service to over 1,600 workers.

Our role

When ElectraNet introduced its new Transmission Safe Access protocols, Thomson Bridge was retained to develop a state-wide program to train workers across the 38 companies that are authorised to provide construction and maintenance services to the network owner.

These contractors include major contractors such as Ventia, Downer and Zinfra.

This program required the development of technical courseware to reflect ElectraNet’s new Asset Access protocols. We then had a small window in which to schedule introductory training events for 1,600 workers located in city, regional and remote locations across the state.  We deployed an online booking system allowing for the purchase of “tickets” to courses for workers requiring substation, lines and communications streams of Asset Access training. This enrolment data enabled efficient program management.

The training was delivered as a classroom-based, instructor-led program. The assessment tools used eLearning methodologies accessed via electronic tablets within the classroom environment.

The web-based enrolment and assessment tools enabled timely issuance of certificates and regular reporting to ElectraNet to enable authorisation of workers to safely access the network.

Project Details

  • Client: ElectraNet - South Australia's Transmission Network Owner 
  • Location: South Australia
  • Industry: Transmission/Substation
  • Our role: Rollout and ongoing delivery of a state-wide accreditation program for Transmission Network Asset Access rules
  • Outcome Thomson Bridge developed and deployed an efficient solution to the education of a large, distributed workforce within a tight timeframe. This state-wide initiative met and exceeded all the agreed project deliverables.
  • Colleen Luck – Project Coordinator - ElectraNet
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