ElectraNet South Australia


ElectraNet has three guiding priorities in relation to high voltage switching and work performed on their assets. These are: safety of personnel, safety of equipment and continuity of supply.

In 2016, ElectraNet launched a new Switching Manual to provide practical detail on the boundaries, interfaces, coordination requirements and safety principles to be observed when operating or accessing ElectraNet’s High Voltage apparatus.

All supporting training and licensing mechanisms were also updated as part of this process.

Our role

Thomson Bridge was appointed by ElectraNet to provide the following services:

  • Develop a comprehensive curriculum for initial training of High Voltage switching operators; and
  • Implement verification of competency of current operators via three yearly refresher training and annual license maintenance assessments.

Our Technical Design Team collaborated with our in-house High Voltage Subject Matter Experts and the ElectraNet HV Switching Committee to develop curriculum that was compliant with the manual and supporting regulatory framework.

Our High Voltage specialists coordinated with ElectraNet’s transmission access group to design a program of practical switching exercises based on available plant access across the transmission network’s substations and lines.

Procedures for the booking of outages together with standardised switching sheets were also established to enable a robust portfolio of switching experiences for initial trainees and competency refreshers.

Thomson Bridge continues to deliver switching training to the South Australian Switching Community on behalf of ElectraNet.

Project Details

  • Location: South Australia
  • Industry: Transmission/High Voltage/Substation
  • Our role: Develop the curriculum for switching the South Australian Transmission Network’s high voltage apparatus


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