Vestas - Electrical Safety Management System


Vestas manages a portfolio of wind farms assets across Australia and New Zealand. Many are operational and several are at varying stages of construction and commissioning.

The Vestas Work, Health and Safety team requires an Electrical Safety Management System that is compliant with legislation, regulations and licensing for electrical work at the Australian Federal, State and Territory and New Zealand levels.

Our role

Our Subject Matter Experts developed an electrical safety management system for Vestas’ Australian and New Zealand operations that met the following requirements:

  • Coverage of all electrical work on generation and associated electrical assets, from construction through to operation and service
  • Compliance with the Australian States and Territories and New Zealand requirements, legislation, regulation and licensing for electrical work
  • Compliance with Vestas enterprise policies, procedures, safety management systems and LOTO Standard
  • Inclusion of a register for monitoring and maintaining electrical compliance
  • Incorporation of the existing High Voltage Safety Rules, as a subset of the larger electrical scheme
  • Meet the requirements of a Victorian ESMS.


Project Details

  • Client: Vestas Australia and New Zealand
  • Location: Australia and New Zealand
  • Industry: Renewable Energy
  • Achievement: Development of electrical safety management system for Vestas Australia/New Zealand