Art Space

Thomson Bridge values and supports young professionals through graduate programs, internships, and work experience programs. Providing them with opportunities to learn and contribute to the energy industry is a great way to foster their development and gain fresh perspectives.

We engage with our employees' school-aged children, inviting them to the office to experience the inner workings of the company. This first hand exposure may inspire and ignite their interest in the power and electricity supply industry.


 The Managing Director, Lisa Parkinson, recognising the creative perspectives of these young individuals, has taken a unique initiative by commissioning them to create a piece of art that represents the industry.

This collaboration not only encourages the expression of their artistic talents but also helps to showcase their understanding of the power sector from their own unique viewpoint. 

We hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we do!



Tomoki Harvey artwork


Tomoki Harvey

Tomoki Harvey was commissioned to create a series of illustrations that represent all sectors of our industry. Tomo's talent was discovered by Lisa when our team was made aware of his already successful YouTube channel. 


Tomoki Harvey artwork


ARTIST: Tomoki Harvey

Poppy Sanderson

Poppy is the daughter of Chief Engineer, Jason Watson. From as early as she can remember, Poppy has been drawing, painting and creating art. It's in her DNA and we are looking forward to sharing in her creative journey.




ARTIST: Poppy Sanderson
Commission piece for the Thomson Bridge Head Office, Poppy presenting to Lisa Parkinson.

Jasmyne Wells


Jasmyne Wells

Jasmyne is the daughter of our Technical Illustrator, Doug Wells. Below is a short bio Jasmyne has written:

My artwork shows a bright, bold future for The Energy Network in Australia.

I see my style as simple, bold and clean. I get my inspiration from comic book art. I started drawing in this style after seeing so many talented artists at Supernova Comicon using this style in books, art pieces and posters.

Jasmyne Wells


ARTIST: Jasmyne Wells
This artwork piece is part one of a series of four that Jasmyne is producing for Thomson Bridge using acrylic on canvas.