What we do

Welcome to Thomson Bridge

Our company is named in honour of William Thomson, also known as Lord Kelvin. Born in Belfast in 1824, William was a mathematical physicist and engineer contributing to the second law of thermodynamics and inventing the absolute temperature scale named after him. He was a great thinker, inventor and educator.

Today, inspired by William’s career and problem-solving abilities, our Thomson Bridge team specialise in:

  • Training for electricity networks and the power and infrastructure Industry;
  • Technical curriculum design;
  • Electrical and safety consulting services; and
  • Workforce training and compliance solutions.


Our mission is to:

  • Be a valuable partner to owners and operators across the power industry;
  • Be an employer of choice, fostering a workplace culture of inclusiveness, diversity, compassion and fun;
  • Promote an environment that encourages staff to innovate and challenge the status quo, but remember and respect the lessons of the past;
  • Recruit high calibre staff that are flexible, passionate and committed to achieving quality outcomes at a personal and collective level;
  • Equip our clients with knowledge and skills that enable them to undertake their work safely and confidently in the electricity supply industry.
We deliver training and advisory solutions that contribute to the quality of the work performed and the safety of those who undertake these activities.

Thomson Bridge is an Australian nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 40754) and operates in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). We design and deliver short courses and full Qualifications that are endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC). Our core training packages include:

  • Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector Training Package UET
  • Electricity Supply Industry – Generation Sector Training Package UEP

We offer blended learning formats - comprising instructor led classroom and practical programs, eLearning and virtual classroom options and on-the-job training in collaboration with industry. For a full list of our training scope, visit training.gov.au. and our Courses page.

Our energy professionals draw on their extensive experience across Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Rail and Mines. They have a deep understanding of energy networks and a passion for sharing their knowledge of safe operating, risk analysis and industry best practice.

These Subject Matter Experts provide a range of electrical advisory services and training and assessment across the Electricity Supply Industry. They are supported by our engineering professionals, technical and digital designers, educational experts, business analysts, design studios and logistics administrators.