Protection fundamentals for private generation systems (Solar/Wind)


This new Course is designed to guide participants in the understanding of power system protection systems. Each program is contextualised to the requirements of your site and relevant scenario and role playing are key elements of the course experience for participants. The curriculum is prepared in accordance with:
State Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice
Site installed equipment and manufacturers manuals
Generic protection systems used worldwide

Units of Competency

Participants who successfully complete this course will be awarded the following Units:
UEPOPS342 Analyse single protection device operation
UEPOPS426 Interpret and analyse multi-operation protection devices

Training Location

On Site or at our Approved Training Locations.

Course aim

This Course addresses the skills and knowledge required to understand, analyse, protection system outputs and make necessary decisions to restore networks from a faulted state to normal function.

Learning activities

The Course involves Instructor led theory and participant interrogation of various relays.

Learning outcomes

Participants will develop the following skills and understanding:
Read and interpret Single Line Diagrams;
Read and interpret relay inputs and outputs;
Understand the correct identification of plant for access, from Single Line Diagrams;
Protection fundamentals of various protection types:
- Unit and non-unit - Primary and back up - Communication types - Understanding different Enterprise procedures, formats and practices


Four days.


Please contact our Office for details on 1300 15 66 85 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Equipment & PPE

Relevant to your site to access control room for relay interrogation practicals.

Attendee Prerequisites

Ideally, a participant will be a trained High Voltage Operator, with a minimum of 3 years experience. Participants must be literate in spoken English and competent in reading, writing and numeracy. It is expected that participants have as a minimum an Electrical trade qualification or equivalent.

Assessment approach

Theory based and practical scenarios involving interrogation and interpretation of relay outputs.

Accreditation Status

Nationally recognised training

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