Vegetation Workers - Annual Refresher Energy Safe Victoria


This Course is designed as an annual Refresher to meet the needs of Non Electrical Vegetation Workers, such as Councils (in accordance with the Energy Safe Victoria training statement).

Unit Prerequisites

UETT20312 Certificate II in ESI - Powerline Vegetation Control

Course aim

This Refresher training is for workers undertaking Vegetation Management work near overhead powerlines by non electrical workers.

Learning activities

ESV requires Vegetation workers to undertake an annual refresher training that covers at a minimum three key areas as follows:

1. General Safety Requirements 
The requirements and application of Hazard & Risk Assessment  
Application of First Aid - CPR, Shock, Burns, Incident Assessment & Management
Understanding of insulated equipment checks and use of approved equipment only, e.g. not used after marked date 
Use of mandatory PPE 
Understanding of the Roles & Responsibilities of Safety Observers.

2. Work In the Vicinity of electrical apparatus ï‚·
Use of control measures to mitigate electrical risk ï‚·
How to comply with Safe Approach Distances (SAD) when handling loads, using tools & equipment
Safe use of mobile plant near electrical apparatus.

3. Approach to Electrical Apparatus in accordance with ESV Rules ï‚·
Understanding of the relationship between Green Book, Blue book and ESV rules and how they are applied
Understanding of the exclusion zone principle in relation to SAD
Consideration of sag, sway and other environmental conditions
Understanding the definitions of, Safe Approach Distance, Vicinity, Near
Use and application of SAD tables in relation to Persons, Mobile Plant & Vegetation
Understanding of Blue Book Section 12 Work by Persons not under the control of the asset owner 
Utilising procedures and controls for work near, within SAD, and Vicinity 
Identification of the electrical hazards and the controls (including Protective equipment, Voltage Identification)
Understanding of the Permit To Work (PTW) process/requirements
Understanding why contact with network owners before work proceeds is necessary.

These rules do not apply to persons working for, or under the control of, an electricity asset owner.

Learning outcomes

Provides a refersher for Vegetation Management - Non Electrical Workers consistent with Energy Safe Victoria Compliance guidleines.


One day


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Assessment approach

A combination of theory and practical assessments

Accreditation Status

Nationally recognised training

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