Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Programs

Recognition of Prior Learning is a valuable assessment pathway that recognises the skills and knowledge gained through work experience, and past formal and on the job training.

Within our chosen industries, Thomson Bridge develops mapping and contextualised RPL evidence tools for a specific Unit of Competency or full Qualification. The evidence gathering is scheduled to accommodate work and time commitments for each candidate and includes a variety of techniques such as:

Documented evidence:

  • Existing formal (Unit of Competency) training
  • Documented work activities
  • Documented trainer assessments
  • Documented supervisor/manager assessments
  • Curriculum vita/position/role based evidence
  • Documented time in role based evidence

Interviews and observations:

  • Practical Assessments
  • Employee Interviews
  • Supervisor Interviews

This evidence collation can be undertaken by Thomson Bridge or the Client, working to agreed processes. Where the Certificate requirements are met, Thomson Bridge will issue the Qualification. Where the full Certificate requirements are not met, Thomson Bridge will:

  • Award individual Units of Competency where requirements are met; and
  • Provide assistance in developing and/or delivering gap training.

Our RPL processes are designed to:

  • Be compliant with the VET framework and ASQA standards;
  • Accurately map the competency evidence requirements against each Unit and underlying element; and
  • Efficiently record evidence against Unit of Competency requirements.

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