Learning Development Competency Standards

Competency Standards

Helping you identify, and train to, the standards of performance you need to get jobs done well.

Competency Standards are a key foundational piece for the effective management of skills in heavy industry. They serve as a documented and clear measure of expected performance against which competence can be identified and assessed, enabling your organisation's management team to meaningfully assess competency of personnel and ensure training and assessment are targeted to producing a competent workforce.

Many of us in industry rely on the AQF competency units to form the basis of our own competency standards. Whether you are wholly reliant on the AQF competency units, or unable to find competency standards within this system that suit the needs of specialist roles in your buiness, Thomson Bridge can help you set, implement, and get the most out of the competency standards that most effectively support your business. 

If you use the AQF Standards, our training professionals can help you get the most out of them, through contexutalisation, mapping to your training materials, and rigorous assessment processes.

And for those with specialist skills not covered by the AQF, Thomson Bridge can assist develop standards that specify the level of performance and define what a competent individual would do in terms of observable outputs or behaviours against functions. 

Our L&D specialists have analysed and implemented many successful initiatives to establish competency standards to meaningfully assess competency of personnel and underwrite a competent workforce.