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Competency Management Framework


We help organisations understand industry best practice for managing skills, and we assit them in achieving this.

If you are responsible for training in a fast-paced project or production environment, you want to run a consistent, professional training system that keeps people safe and helps them do jobs well. 

Drawing on our knowledge and experience of industrial education and training, Thomson Bridge have developed a benchmarked, holistic competency management framework. This framework is a tried and tested tool for evaluating and improving how organisations manage licensing, skills and training. Combined with our deep understanding of existing training approaches and their shortcomings, we can use the framework to help your business develop a fit for purpose learning and competency management approach that works for your workforce.

Using the framework drives a consistent, systemic improvement focus from a clear vision of how an effective training and competency management system runs.

Most powerfully, the framework is a persuasive tool with senior management, clearly showing that you know where you are going, and they can invest in training with confidence.

Learning Development Framework