Tess Linkins

Communications and Strategy Business Analyst

Tess is an experienced Account Manager, having worked as a Media strategist for both national and international clients. These strategies include utilising digital and traditional media platforms to create and implement methodically strategised campaign in fields not limited to: retail, property, and telecommunications, but largely across state government, rural and agricultural services. These strategies optimise media opportunities, competitor analysis, marketing processes and prospect planning.

She has extensive experience in applying campaign activations to brand awareness campaigns, call-to-action strategies, and projects predominately designed for product acquisition. Tess has led successful operations that have seen strong business growth, creating platforms for these businesses to become market leaders in their categories. Primarily assisting businesses to create structured pathways to strengthen, grow and prosper with their own meticulously refined approach.

Tess’s intellectual curiosity is constantly seeking innovative opportunities to remain up-to-date on the evidently agile communications landscape. Previously completing a thesis in Communications, researching the adequate use of communication implementations, and analysing audience behaviours.

Tess has completed her Master’s degree in Communications, specialising in Crisis and Issues Management. Throughout her post graduate studies, Tess spent time managing Bachelor units of Communications, expanding her knowledge in various elements of the Communications and Marketing subdivisions. She has a strong interest in the education sector and is keen utilise her knowledge in this field at Thomson Bridge.


  • Master of Communications – Crisis and Issues Management
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Marketing)