Renewable Energy - Wind & Solar

Thomson Bridge works with owners, site managers and contractors during construction, operation and maintenance. We assist our clients is achieving a safe and skilled workforce, continuity of supply, commercial efficiency, regulatory compliance and audit readiness. 

Electrical Engineering Consulting

Our chartered electrical engineers can support plant commissioning, staged compliance, or assist your assets complete detailed fault analysis during the operational phase and enable prompt correction and return to service.

Our Subject Matter Experts bring extensive knowledge of the Electricity Supply Industry, energy networks, renewable technologies, and large-scale electrical infrastructure projects. We provide Electrical Safety Rules, work practices, audits and incident investigations. This work starts with a solid understanding of regulatory environments for HV & LV operations and electrical safety and the specifications required by Network Utilities. 

Visit our Engineering Consultancy page for details of our work in:

  • High & Low Voltage Electrical Safety Rules
  • Technical Documentation
  • Arc Flash Calculations and Reports
  • Asset Management and Maintenance Plans
  • Switching Instructions
  • Engineering & Systems Audits, Investigations
  • Power Quality
  • Cable Studies
  • Protection Studies

Workforce Compliance Management

Our Workforce Complaince Management portal is called The Bridge. It enables Sites to track training, licence and authorisation records for staff and contractors against your customised skill sets. Visit The Bridge to learn more.


We offer a range of Short Courses and Qualifications to support best practice for Site construction, operations and maintenance.

High Voltage Operator and Electrical Safe access Training 

Our HV Training Programs are contextualised to your plant, permit system, Electrical Safety Rules and state and territory regulations. Our HV Professionals have extensive knowledge, strong communication skills and demonstrated safety leadership.

Global Wind Organisation Accredited Training

The GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to appropriately respond to an emergency and to increase their safety through proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), emergency equipment and procedures. 

Our Advanced Rescue Training (ART) will provide skills and procedures for dealing with advanced rescues from a wind turbine.

Power Systems Operations

We are designing Power Systems programs specifically for renewable  generators. Topics include:

  • the principles, practices and problems associated with power grid dynamics and how it impacts your operations 
  • understanding the effects your system has on the local and wider networks (voltage and var control, system security, meeting your outputs per your bid profile)
  • communications with with Networks and AEMO
  • responding to significant events such as network faults and weather events 

Visit Our Courses page to learn more.


For more examples of our services to clients visit our Case Studies page.

Large Scale Solar Farm

Safe Systems of Work

Developing easy to use procedures and processes to first eliminate, then minimise the hazards and risks in your Site operations.

Vestas Electrical Safety Management System

High Voltage Operations & Electrical Safe Access Training 

Thomson Bridge is an industry leader in the provision of tailored training and consulting services for high voltage operations and electrical safety.

Designing critical risk identification courseware for AGL Energy

Arc Flash Consultancy

Our Engineers prepare arc flash calculations, reports and recommendations for wind & solar sites - turbines, collector groups and balance of plant.

AGL Hydroelectric Power

GWO Basic Safety, Vertical Rescue & Emergency Response Training

Our instructors bring a wealth of wind farm, rope access and heights experience. We offer accredited courses at your Site or at approved Training Facilities.