Recognition of Prior Learning

Blended Learning

Thomson Bridge is committed to providing our clients in the heavy electrical sectors with a range of approaches to learning.

These include:

  • facilitated classroom learning
  • virtual classrooms using Zoom, MS Teams and Webex
  • online self paced modules
  • practical workshops
  • on the job learning
  • mentoring

Most workers in the Electrical Supply Industry (ESI) are required to complete Units or full Qualifications as part of their professional development in order to perform their full range of duties. Training usually consists of three components:

  1. A theoretical component that is delivered in the class room and/or self paced online
  2. Practical skills development in a simulated or workshop environment, with instructor led tuition
  3. A series of tasks completed under supervision on the job and recorded in a logbook


We offer a range of tools to assist the learning journey and ongoing verification of vocational skills. These include:

  • Micro Short Video Production
  • Remote Assessment
  • eLogBooks


Micro video production 

Our small Film and Production crew, together with our L&D specialists and Subject Matter Experts, create short videos to capture key information about your plant, procedures and convey desired human behavious. These digital assets are brief, 1 to 3 minute films. They work to the concept that “less is more”, and are clear, concise without unnecessary embellishments.

Technical Design Short Video Production

Remote assessment

Where face-to-face assessment for practical skills is required for a program - but not possible - we can design assessment scenarios by collaborating with a specifically nominated work supervisor, to monitor the scenario, while our assessor is able to assess practical competence using a combination of:

  • Video conferencing link if available
  • Video footage taken with evidence recorded
  • Evidence collected against an assessment
  • Other data available, including data simulators or electronic equipment used in the assessment – for example our Laerdal CPR manikin pictured below, comes with a smart phone app to monitor the performance of CPR skills.

Thomson Bridge continue's to invest in technologies and tools to further assist remote delivery of your training and assessment needs.

We can deliver to trainees a wireless headset and camera to connect directly to the trainer, giving a clear communication in real-time between your staff and our instructors while performing practical training and assessment.

We've invested in one of the world’s leading hands-free remote collaboration headset technology. This tool is delivered to the clients and allows for real-time viewing of the assessment being conducted.

Electronic logbook

We are developing an easily accessible logbook app to capture, track and validate on-the-job work experiences and evidence, providing both the trainee and their supervisors immediate visibility of course progress via their smart devices. This concept is designed to improve learner engagement, support social connections and enable mentor support.



Kathy Gerwald

Gracie Ng - Senior Electrical Engineer - Technical Design Team Leader

Gracie oversees a team of electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineers and our power industry subject matter experts. She has solid experience in the power distribution sector through evaluating customer technical specifications and tender management. She has managed high profile contracts within the Australian wind industry, coordinating proposal negotiations with various TNSPs across Australia. As a Techno Commercial Engineer, she has a sound knowledge in electrical plant and has undertaken detailed technical analysis in HV/LV substation equipment, distribution, transformers, AIS & GIS switchgear and renewable energy operations.