Auspice Service


We partner with our Clients to achieve Auspice arrangements that are flexible and cost effective. Our Learning and Development specialists have established a robust process to enable a compliant and transparent process that ensures efficiency and continuous improvement.

Engagement models vary from primarily outsourced to collaborative insourced arrangements. We can train and mentor your in-house professionals to deliver training and assessment services that incorprate Company specific programs and contextualised courses aligned to your specific work procedures and plant; map Nationally Accredited Units of Competency; and reflect Industry best practice.

Advantages of an Auspicing partnership:




Enables your organisation to deliver training outcomes to the highest quality and aligned to ASQA nationally.


         A highly contextualised, relevantand cost-effective business solution for your organisation with the capability and capacity to deliver personalised training in ways, at times, locations and settings that suit your requirements. Our Technical design team develops flexible and innovative curriculum to meet the capability and operational needs of the enterprise.  

Core business and capability

We partner with you and undertake the RTO-related work allowing you to focus on core and strategic business goals and meeting current and future capability demands without distraction. Removing the compliance, complexity and administration associated with the VET system.

Risk mitigation

         Lowers your organisation’s risk profile with residual compliance risk. Reduces future requirements to employ further resources and continue additional expenditure on systems and compliance. Risk management plan created during implementation


         Partnership can be quickly and efficiently expanded and contracted to meet your needs.

Industry knowledge and relevance

·         We operate across all states and service major network and asset owners. This ensures we can draw on benchmarking, networking, best practice and efficiency opportunities. Sharing of ideas, information, lessons learned.

Quality Assurance:

Step change approach offering a range of quality, nationally accredited training outcomes, reinforced by our long-standing, exceptionally recognised industry reputation. Ongoing evaluation and review.


Deliver nationally recognised training and qualifications to your employees and clients. Internally manage your in-house training programmes rather than outsourcing the work. Deliver training both on and off-the-job, at times and places suited to your client’s schedules. Adapt the training platform and courseware to work within your organisation’s systems and procedures. Managed by key performance indicators (KPIs) and manage how the partnership evolves.


Committed partner with nation support, single points of contact, two-way feedback, open communication, where relationship is built on honesty, integrity, respect and transparency. Our team openly, effectively and regularly communicate to deliver value added services.