Training Management Logbook banner


Thomson Bridge has an easily accessible logbook app to capture and validate work experiences and evidence, providing both the trainee and their supervisors immediate visibility of course progress via their smart devices. This concept is designed to improve learner engagement, support social connections and enable mentor support.  It also makes it easier for students to organise their own learning and develop the self-directed learning skills that are essential for competency and career development.

The electronic Logbook interacts with our Compliance Management Platform and will:

  • Use social learning methods (such as communities of practice, peer review, collaborative learning)
  • Push reminders, progress and micro-content to participants
  • Push learning data to managers with associated tasks that keep them informed of participant’s progress; delays and encourage feedback
  • Record participant progress against benchmarks and peers
  • Organise and record on the job activities (an electronic logbook) using rich multimedia