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Welcome to The Bridge - your Workforce Compliance management portal


The Bridge is our online Workforce Compliance management Portal - enabling Networks/Asset Owners and their Contractors to manage workforce training, licences, and authorisation compliance.

Access to this platform is available to our Clients and is designed to offer ease of use, transparency and flexibility as your needs evolve.

Your workers’ evidence, such as training certificates, authorisations and licences, can be uploaded and easily assessed against your nominated Skill Sets or training matrices. 

A dashboard will highlight gaps in skills via a traffic light system. A green tick signifies compliance. Missing or out of date information is flagged with a red cross, and an orange exclamation mark flags an upcoming expiry of a licence or competency.

Electronic Library

The Bridge becomes your online electronic library for your workers. Evidence such as training records, inductions, licences and log books can be easily uploaded.

These documents can be batch downloaded and sent to Clients and other third parties.

Mobile App and Worker Card 

The Bridge supports a mobile phone App so that each Employee can easily access and display records and compliance against required Skill Sets. 

We can also issue individuals with a Worker Card with a QR code linking back to the individual’s records on The Bridge.

Contractor Management

The Bridge provides a simple approach to monitoring compliance of Contractor Workforces.

The Contracting Company is invited to join The Bridge, upload the records of a nominated work party and immediately demonstrate compliance against the skills and authorisations required to work on the Asset, Network or Project.

Further Information

If you would like a demonstration, obtain a Worker Card, amend or establish specific Skill Sets, or upload third party records, please call our office to discuss.