High Voltage Operations

High Voltage Operations

Thomson Bridge is an industry leader in the provision of tailored training and consulting services for high voltage operations and electrical safety. 

We have established our profile as a trusted business partner by providing experienced HV professionals who are knowledgeable, flexible and committed to the safety of everyone who works with HV equipment and electrical networks. 

We provide HV Services to clients across Renewable and Thermal Generation, Substations, Transmission, Distribution and Rail networks. We also service the Oil & Gas and Mining industries.

Our HV Professionals are recruited for the depth of their knowledge, ability to communicate, and demonstrated safety leadership. They are skilled practitioners who want to pass on to new generations of electrical workers how to assess hazards, determine and evaluate risks and implement safety protections to operate safely, for themselves, their work party and the network.

Complementing our experienced practitioners is a team of engineers, instructional designers and digital media specialists. This team is focussed on delivering the best technical advice and learning services for safety, skills and compliance. They are expert in understanding your plant, local context and your operating environment.

Services & Resources

Large Scale Solar Farm

Engineering Consulting

Our chartered electrical engineers can support your project from the design phase, through to the submission of technical criteria including generator performance standards, to the formal demonstration of compliance as required for renewable generation.

ElectraNet South Australia

HV Operations & Electrical Safe Access Training

Our High Voltage Operator and electrical safe access training is cutomised to your site. Our Instructors bring extensive experience across Generation, Substations, Transmission, Distribution and Rail Networks and HV Customers.

Metro Trains Melbourne

Adaptive Learning

Our engineering qualified Instructional Designers work with digital media specialists to create engaging and easy to use training materials for electrical skills and safety. They are expert in understanding your plant and local context, and developing courses that build skills and fit with how your business delivers training. 

Vestas Electrical Safety Management System

Audit & Incident Investigation  

We provide audits for regulatory or internal process reviews, systems audits as part of continuous improvement and engineering audits to evaluate maintenance or work procedures.  Our independent investigation service is performed by experts familiar with the electricity supply industry, networks, plant procedures and regulations.