Data Centres

The exponential growth in digital data and the need for cloud storage is being met by Data Centres across the globe.

Electrical Consulting Services

Data Centres strive to provide 99+% security and availability of data and computing services to its customers.

Thomson Bridge’s electrical engineers and High Voltage specialists support Data Centres from design, construction, plant commissioning, operations and maintenance.

We provide Electrical Safety Rules, safe operating procedures, and comprehensive advice on managing High Voltage and Low Voltage plant and network connections.


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High Voltage training services

We develop and deliver training programs to educate your staff and contractors who work on or near your high and low voltage electrical plant.

Thomson Bridge has established a profile as a leading provider of High Voltage Operator and Electrical Safe Access training. We have extensive experience in electrical operations in for the Electricity Supply Industry, and Customers operating electrically significant assets.

We can establish courseware and training delivery capability to enable consistent and measurable skills and safety outcomes for your Data Centre workforce in accordance with your Electrical Safety Rules.


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