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Power Cable Systems

The rising volume of high voltage underground power cables brings about technical challenges to network and site developers, operators, and maintenance technicians. Our deliver a range of training from short courses to full qualifications.

For engineers and project managers

The rise in cable system faults is costly for owners, developers and operators of high voltage networks in generation (wind, solar and thermal), sub-transmission, distribution and rail networks or large scale industry and utilities.

Thomson Bridge has collaborated with global power cable solutions provider, NKT to create the Cable Jointing and Installation Practices one day program. Tailored to engineers and project managers, this course increases the level of awareness of what conditions and workmanship is necessary to ensure quality and longevity of underground cable systems.

This course will explore the basics of UG cable systems, the components of cable jointing Kits, electrical stress caused by MV conductors and why/how it is controlled, cable sheath bonding methods, cable failure causes and consequences, cable jointing preparation and workmanship, cable testing and documentation.

The Course has been developed by Subject Matter Experts from Thomson Bridge and global cable solutions provider, NKT. It draws on practical infrastructure project experience across the world.


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For new and experienced lineworkers and licenced electricians

Our experienced industry practitioners provide short courses and full Apprenticeship programs for the essential practical and theory components of cable jointing, terminations and maintenance.

In addition to our Certificate III in ESI - Distribution Underground qualification, our short courses include:

  • Install, test and verify distribution underground cable installation
  • Joint, terminate and maintain high voltage and low voltage underground polymeric cable
  • Transition joint high voltage paper insulated cable to high voltage polymeric cable


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