Contractor Management Procedures

We prepare Contractor Management Procedures for Network and Asset owners in the Electricity Supply Industry. Whether you have responsibility for a transmission network, substation, wind farm or solar site, you need a uniform set of Safe Work Procedures, which Contractors must comply with when visiting or working on your sites. 

Our procedures accomodate development, construction and operational environments and are consistent with State, Territory and Federal Work, Health and Safety regulations.

We also offer a Workforce Compliance Management Portal to enable Contractor companys to upload the records of a nominated work party and immediately demonstrate compliance against the skills and authorisations required to work on your asset, network or project.

Topics include

  • General Safety Requirements - hazard identification, risk assessment and control
  • Training, Authorisation, Roles and Responsibilities - Supervisor, Operator, Inducted Person and skills matrixes
  • Contractor Selection Criteria and Pre-Qualification - fit for work requirements and due diligence criteria
  • Site arrival and work preparation - Inductions, permits, SWMS etc
  • Contractor works - responsibilities, work parties, emergencies
  • Completion - relinquishment of permits, plant and work area safety and security


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Electrical Safety Rules

We develop HV & LV Electrical Safety Rules ensure employees and contractors working on or near electrical apparatus can operate safely and effectively. Our Rules are compliant with WHS and Electrical regulations and Codes of Practice.

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Safe Systems of Work 

Our Safe Systems of Work include the procedures and processes you should have in place to first eliminate, then minimise the hazards and risks in your workplace operations.


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Emergency Response Plans

We develop Emergency Response plans to enable your workers to respond effectively to a site based emergency.