HV Installation Safety Management Plans

We develop HV Installation Safety Management Plans (ISMP) detailing safety installation processes for solar and wind generation sites connecting to electricity networks.

These Plans provide an overview of the generator’s arrangements for ensuring safety and ensuring environmental, reliability and technical standards are established and complied with to ensure that all work is performed safely, and all work meets current industry rules and standards.

These may include process diagrams, procedures, instructions, forms for the following key areas:

These Plans are prepared in accordance with legislation and regulation applicable to distribution and transmission network service providers, industry standards, the specific network’s relevant internal policies, procedures and standards

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Electrical Safety Rules

We prepare (and audit) Electrical Safe Access Rules and Procedures for high and low voltage plant across networks, power stations, utilities, mines and HV customers.

Safe Systems of Work

Safe Systems of Work

We create Safe Systems of Work including procedures and processes to first eliminate, then minimise the hazards and risks in your workplace operations. Documents are aligned to ISO standards as a benchmark.

Our Clients

Arc Flash Consultancy

Arc flash calculations, reports and recommendations for generation and infrastructure assets such as turbines, collector groups and balance of plant.