Arc Flash

Arc Flash Consultancy

Thomson Bridge prepares arc flash calculations, reports and recommendations for generation and infrastructure assets such as turbines, collector groups and balance of plant.

Our aim is to provide practical and actionable advice that maximises a safe operating environment and work practices. Arc flash calculations are prepared for the primary power components and primary switching locations. Our engineers utilise the ETAP Arc Flash Analysis software to perform the assessment of arc flash hazards and incident analysis. 

We work with our clients to consider critical factors including system power distribution configuration, plant operating modes, protective equipment selection and settings, working distances, PPE, work practices and training.

Our Arc Flash services are delivered by an experienced team of electrical, power system and protection engineers. Our clients own and manage portfolios of generation and infrastructure assets across Australia.  

Thomson Bridge was also the lead author of the Electrical Arc Flash Hazard Management Guideline which was published by the Australian Energy Council.

Arc Flash Training Services

Our Arc Flash Awareness training provides a broad understanding of arc flash and the hazards associated with it. Our courses can be tailored to
your specific site and audience. Programs draw on case studies and provide practical approaches to the development of Arc flash risk management strategies.

Typical topics include:

  • Understanding arc flash
  • Regulatory context and international standards
  • Arc flash - human effects
  • Characteristics of an arc
  • Common causes of arc flash
  • Arc flash protection boundary
  • Case study analysis

  • Why conduct arc flash analysis
  • Arc flash calculations and analysis
  • Hierarchy of control
  • Reducing arc flash hazard
  • Arc flash risk mitigation
  • Appropriate levels of PPE

See our Electrical Training page for more information.

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Our Clients

Arc Flash Courses
for Awareness and for Engineers

Our Arc Flash Courses can be contextualised for your company and meet the needs of staff, contractors and engineers. We seek to provide practical approaches to understanding the hazards and developing risk management strategies.

Our Clients

Industry Guideline
Electrical Arc Flash Hazard Management

Thomson Bridge was the lead author of this Industry Guideline. It provides valuable information on effective hazard management process and a set of recommended practices appropriate to the Australian context.


Our Clients

Case Study
AGL Liddell Power Station

After two workers at AGL Energy’s Liddell Power Station were injured following a serious arc flash incident, AGL implemented a number of initiatives including an education campaign for the Station's workforce on the critial risks existing within their operating environment.