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Vales Point Power Station - Auspice for High Risk Work Licensing


Operation of Boilers and Turbines is classed as High Risk Work (HRW). A Licence to perform HRW is part of a national system which authorises individuals to carry out classes of work including boiler and steam turbine operation. The HRW licence has been incorporated into each State’s law via their respective WHS Regulations.

To obtain a license, a student must complete class room training, a log book recording workplace evidence of operational tasks and then a formal assessment against the National assessment Instrument.

The candidate must complete the applicable Unit(s) of Competency by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and then be assessed as competent against the applicable national assessment instrument (NAI) by an assessor who is accredited by the work health and safety regulator (the regulator) under the WHS Regulation.

Vales Point have an extensive and well established power station training program that is delivered inhouse by experienced Trainers and Subject Matter Experts. This program combines Instructor led classroom based training modules, on the job mentoring and practical activities that are documented via logbooks.

To ensure compliance against state regulations and the specific requirements of HRW, Vales Point needed to partner with an RTO.

Our Role 

Thomson Bridge’s Pressure Equipment Subject Matter Experts have extensive experience in operating PS equipment. They are also licensed across multiple states to undertake HRW assessments for boiler and turbine and are familiar with the requirements of Work Safe Authorities.

We entered into a partnership that shares the tasks of training and assessing. Our team delivers the class room training to enable candidates to attain the required Statements of Attainment. Vales Point’s Trainers, who are accredited as Assessors by WorkSafe NSW under Thomson Bridge’s RTO license, shift and plant availability.

Project Details

  • Client: Vales Point Power Station
  • Industry: Generation
  • Outcome: This arrangement recognises the skills of the Vales Point workforce, provides a solid learning and assessment experience and accommodates the staff shift movements.
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