Technical Documentation & Publications

We develop customised documentation for compliance with Electricity Regulations, transmission and distribution network obligations, contract obligations and maintenance plans. 

Our capabilities extend to providing detailed technical documentation for frontline operational teams.

We provide consultation and technical writing services under the supervision of Engineers and Subject Matter Experts for

  • Procedures for operational and maintenance activities such as Electrical Safety Rules.
  • Switching Instructionsfor energisation, routine switching, faults and ad-hoc switching.
  • Policies – to guide decisions and achieve consistent, rational outcomes.

  • Practice Guidelines – Industry publications developed in consultation with clients, peak industry bodies and regulators. 
  • Emergency Plans  - for organisational and site-based activities such as Emergency Response and Bush Fire Management.
  • Processes – process maps, diagrams and posters that enable processes to be publicised and shared. 
  • Forms – produce contextualised forms or templates for a variety of technical uses, including permits, authorisations, logbooks and safe work method statements (SWMS).
  • Work and Maintenance instructions – detailed instructions for performing tasks with reference to procedures, technical manuals and company knowledge.

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Safe Systems of Work

Incorporating policies, procedures and instructions to ensure your workers operate safely and your business is compliant.

Emergency Response Plans

Emergency Response Plans & Training

Emergency Response Plans & Training are produced in line with your organisational and site-based policy and procedures and align to AS3745 -2010 Australian Standards.

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Contractor Management Procedures

Providing a uniform set of safe work Procedures, which Contractors must comply with when involved with work on your sites.  This includes development, construction and operational environments.

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Arc Flash Hazard Management Industry Guideline

This Arc Flash Hazard Management Guideline is a consolidated guideline that incorporates the collective electric arc flash hazard knowledge and experience into an easy-to-read guideline that can be accessed and shared by the Australian Energy Industry.

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Asset Management and Maintenance Plans

We prepare Asset Management and Maintenance Plans for renewable generation assets and their Balance of Plant. 

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HV Installation Safety Management Plans

We develop HV Installation Safety Management Plans (ISMP) detailing safety installation processes for solar and wind generation sites connecting to electricity networks.