Cable Studies

Our electrical engineers support cable studies and advise on the selection of Low Voltage and High Voltage cables.

We assess cable sizing and shock protection using ETAP and similar packages. Our studies provide ampacity, voltage drop, and can provide short circuit current (SCC) assessments.

Our engineers can advise on specific applications such as cable selection for solar arrays in accordance with IEC and regulatory requirements. This can be directly linked to protection co-ordination or the selection and arrangement of over current protection in accordance with the IEC requirements.

Comprehensive studies and reports can be provided to assist in:

  • assessment of voltage drop, power loss, cable heating, cable aging/life expectations.
  • validation of cable reticulation designs, and the segregation of power and telecom/signal cabling.
Our team can provide assessment of cable joint, termination, or underground overhead transition (UGOH) failure in support of root cause analysis.

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