Toll Holdings has recently introduced two new vessels as part of a $350 million terminal and ship upgrade initiative to replace their existing fleet operating between the Ports of Melbourne, Victoria, and Burnie, Tasmania.

A key component of this upgrade is the implementation of Ship to Shore power, a technology widely used in Europe and America but novel to Australia. This system enables ships to connect to the electricity grid while docked, minimizing reliance on diesel generators.

Our role

In order to seamlessly integrate the High Voltage (HV) equipment required for Ship to Shore power and to comply with regulatory standards, Toll engaged in a comprehensive risk assessment. This involved the development of operating procedures, switching instructions, and specialized training for marine engineers tasked with operating the 11kV equipment.

Thomson Bridge played a pivotal role in this project by collaborating with Toll's marine engineers to create high voltage safe access procedures and switching instructions for both energization and maintenance. Our team of High Voltage practitioners, working alongside Learning specialists, partnered with Toll's engineers to devise scenario-based training programs. These programs aimed to enhance the skills of engineers in operating the newly introduced plant and equipment, a technology unprecedented in the Australian context.

The procedures and task-based training were designed to accommodate the regulatory requirements of both state jurisdictions and adhere to the specific protocols of the electricity network owners – PowerCor on the Melbourne side and TasNetworks on the Tasmanian side.

Project Details

Key elements of the project include the installation of a new substation and cable dispenser, along with the implementation of a high voltage 11-kV power system for Toll’s terminal. This collaborative effort involved TasNetworks, PowerCor, TasPorts, Port of Melbourne and technology providers such as Kongsberg Maritime from Norway, WE Tech Solutions from Finland, and Siemens Australia/Germany and Cavotec Australia on the quayside. Additionally, the new power system is expected to enhance the refrigerated container capacity at the terminal.

Project Snapshot

  • Client: Toll Holdings
  • Location: Victoria, Tasmania
  • Industry: High Voltage, Maritime
  • Our role: Develop High Voltage Safe Access procedures, compliant with two state jurisdictions, and Port Authorities, switching instructions for energisation and maintenance; operations training for marine engineers.
  • Outcome: Assisted marine engineers to gain a solid understanding of the safe operating procedures for Ship to Shore High Voltage connection equipment.
  • Resource: Learn more about Ship to Shore power by watchong this video
Ship to Shore Power.