BOP Maintenance Plan for Worley’s Crowlands Wind Farm


Worley owned TW Power Services Pty Ltd (TWPS) is an operations and maintenance (O&M) business providing services to support critical power infrastructure across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. TWPS is experienced across a range of power technologies including solar, wind, hydro and thermal power. Approximately one third of Australian power generation capacity is supported by TWPS. TWPS also operates, monitors and maintains gas pipeline assets.

Worley are managing a fleet of wind farms across Victoria and South Australia on behalf of various asset owners. They see asset management and maintenance plans as part of their road map to achieving value of critical assets as this optimises cost, manages risk and underwrites performance across an asset’s lifecycle.

Our role

Worley retained Thomson Bridge’s electrical engineers to prepare a Maintenance Plan for their high voltage balance of plant for Crowlands Wind Farm. We prepared the Balance of Plant Maintenance Strategy based on an anticipated 25 year operating life, maintaining plant performance across this duration.

The Plan provides BOP maintenance recommendations in accordance with manufacturers recommendations, regulatory requirements and best known operational, safety and environmental practices. The maintenance schedule is offered as a guide only, and the maintenance frequency may need to be modified depending on the load, fault and climatic conditions that the plant is subjected to during operation and outage group timing.

We developed this maintenance plan as part of Worley’s contractual obligations back to the asset owner, making sure there is a proper methodical process to ensure that the electrical plant is fit for purpose for the operator’s safety, so they are not exposed to equipment that is potentially faulty or could malfunction.

The plan identifies work tasks in accordance with the expected labour resource required to undertake the maintenance or inspection works.

Project Details

  • Client: Worleys
  • Location: Victoria 
  • Industry: Renewable generation
  • Our role: Develop a BOP Maintenance Plan for Worley’s Crowlands Wind Farm.
  • Outcome: BOP Maintenance Plan ensures we maintain reliability of plant performance for commercial generation.