Safe Systems of Work

A Safe System of Work includes the procedures and processes you should have in place to first eliminate, then minimise the hazards and risks in your workplace operations.

Put simply, a Safe System of Work is a defined method of doing a job in a safe way.

We work with your engineers, technicians, site managers and WHS professionals to understand your processes and activities and ensure they are captured in easy to use documents. We use our solid understanding of regulatory environments for WHS and electrical safety to ensure your systems meet these requirements for compliance.

Thomson Bridge utilise the ISO55001 Asset Management standard as a benchmark, as well as the other ISO standards 9001 (quality), 14001 (Environmental) and 45001 (Safety).

Safe Systems of Work include process diagrams, procedures, instructions, forms for the following key areas:

  • Work Health and Safety
  • Management responsibilities and structure
  • Training and competency
  • Risk management
  • Safe work methods (SWMS)
  • Electrical work (HV and LV)
  • Site safety
  • Subcontractor management
  • Emergency response procedures

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HV & LV Operating Procedures

Electrical Safety Rules ensure employees and contractors working on or near electrical apparatus can operate safely and effectively.

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Asset Management & Maintenance Plans

We prepare Asset Management and Maintenance Plans to provide the roadmap for achieving value from critical assets by optimising cost, managing risk and performance across the asset lifecycle.

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Maintaining skills against a training matrix

Our L&D specialists can assist network, asset owners and their contractors to maintain compliance against a Training Matrix or Skill Set consistent with your Safe System of Work.