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Improving Learner Engagement through innovation and industry collaboration

A new approach to electrical Learning

We work with industry, University and Government partners to build electrical skills and safety knowledge, ensuring performance in high reliability, high consequence operational environments.

We recognise that learning and skills acquisition will vary for each Learner. 

Our objective is to create engaging and motivating learning solutions, that recognise differences, provides flexibility, and adapts to learning needs.

Our Blended Learning approach combines face-to-face classroom teaching, practical exercises in our Facilities and at client sites, with powerful digital learning and assessment tools. 




Online adaptive learning plus practical training is the ideal way to get the best engagement, motivation and learning impact. Each has its strengths, so design of the overall blended experience is crucial.

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Global Electrical Learning Library GELL

Our Global Electrical Learning Library (GELL) is constantly growing as our multi-country electrical subject matter experts are mapping industry standards, regional and country legislation and certifications to create 100s of individual Learning Objective modules.

We are building courses to address the spectrum of competencies required for electrical safety and skills for global recognition and local contextualisation. 

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Driving Learner engagment
through Adaptive Learning

In collaboration with Area9, we are developing electrical courses to improve the efficiency and quality of learner experience, and reduce the cost to our clients and industry. 

We draw on RelyOn Nutec's successful application of Area9's Adaptive Learning across its global safety training programs.

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Adaptive Learning

Hands on, practical experience
Growing our Facility portfolio

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Together with RelyOn Nutec, and our many partners across industry and government, we are enabling practical learning experiences for LV and HV Operations, transmission line construction, cable jointing and more. Our portfolio of electrical training Facilities will continue to expand across RelyOn Nutec's existing facilities during 2024.




An Online
diagnostic tool

for assessing performance and developing personalised training.

Thomson Bridge's strategic alliance with Macquarie University is optimising operational performance in mission-critical roles within the energy sector. With this innovative online tool, EXPERTise 2.0, we can quickly assess and establish the technical capability of people performing high consequence roles across the energy industry.

Supported by a decade of research and industry trials, EXPERTise 2.0 uses an novel approach to the assessment of skilled performance by capturing "markers" that make technical capabilities discoverable.

This service provides evidence-based, reportable outcomes that informs training effectiveness, organisational baselines, team selection, and ensures equitable recruitment decisions.

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