Network control rooms - using video to demonstrate field switching practices


Network control rooms across Australia are assessing traditional and new approaches to training and upskilling their workforces. 

Many control room operators do not have first-hand experience of switching and operating their network's physical plant and equipment out in the field.

Understanding that field switching would be a valuable experience for control room operators when communicating with field staff, Ausnet Services retained Thomson Bridge to provide practical switching exercises to assist control room staff in gaining this hands on experience in terminal and zone substations.

This experience proved to be a valuable addition to Ausnet’s training program. In response to the restrictions of COVID 19 and the normal constraints of gaining access to live plant, Thomson Bridge's video production team commenced the production of videos to illustrate safe switching of network plant. 

Our role

With the cooperation of Ausnet Services, the transmission and distribution network owner in Victoria, our Video Production team and Network subject matter experts, are developing a video library for Network control rooms, Generators and HV Customers.

Each digital asset speaks to a particular topic in a 1 to 3 minute video. Topics include Two Person Switching on 22kV and 66kV plant, Permit Issue, Control Room Communications, and bypassing an ACR on a SWER line. 

Shooting needs to be economical in the use of people, plant and props and post-production needed to be efficient and collaborative to ensure technical accuracy and authenticity.

Getting this formula right opens up the ability to incorporate micro learning videos across many training programs for the Electricity Supply Industry. 

These videos are now accessible to our clients as part of our ongoing industry consultation on the development of training solutions to our complex and evolving industry. 

Project Details

  • Client: AusNet Services
  • Loaction: Victoria
  • Our role: Developing digital resources to educate workers across the Electricity Supply Industry