Paul Matheson

Trainer & High Risk License Assessor – Boiler and Turbine Operations

Paul is an experienced high risk licence assessor for pressure equipment operations. He draws on a career in generation operations at thermal power stations across Australia.

At Thomson Bridge, Paul is responsible for overseeing the development and delivery of training and assessment programs for boiler and turbine operations.

Paul commenced his career as a Plant Operator and progressed to roles including Plant Operating Supervisor, Unit Controller and Shift Superintendent. In addition to his early career at Playford and Northern Power Stations in Port Augusta, South Australia, he has worked at coal and gas power stations owned by CS Energy and Stanwell Corporation in Queensland.

Paul has extensive knowledge of turbine and boiler plant and is a passionate about educating and mentoring his trainees with the aim of developing confidence and safe operating practices.

Paul’s knowledge is underpinned by

  • Detailed understanding of mechanical and electrical power plant operating principles
  • Knowledge and understanding of the National Electricity Market
  • Understanding of Environmental Guidelines and Procedures.

Paul’s operational experience includes:

  • Operation of Boiler-Turbo-Generator Units
  • Operation of Critical and Super Critical Boilers
  • Operation of ancillary Station Mechanical and Electrical Plant
  • Decision making in Fuel Supply arrangements (Coal & Oil)
  • Co-ordinating and arranging Isolation Work for minor and major maintenance on both Mechanical and Electrical plant
  • Investigation of variations from normal operating conditions
  • Plant Testing
  • Inspection, Operation, Testing, Fault Diagnosis of Power Station Plant and High Voltage Switchgear
  • Diagnosis of Faults initiating immediate corrective action
  • Participation in Emergency Procedures.

Career achievements include:

  • Power Station Commissioning at Northern Power Station both Units 1984-86 and at Playford Powers Station 2004-05
  • Member of the Augusta Power Stations Isolation Committee for 13 Years. This committee oversaw the administration and application of Isolation Rules and Regulations as applied on the Flinders Power site
  • Performing the role of Shift Superintendent