HV Operations Audit

High Voltage Auditing Service

High Voltage Operations Review & Audit

Thomson Bridge provides technical and compliance auditing services. These assignments are led Subject Matter Experts that hold Lead Quality Auditor (BSB51615) qualifications. 

Recent specialised audits have included:

  • Compliance with all Australian States and Territories Safety and electrical Legislation and Regulations
  • Electrical Safety for work practices
  • Electrical Safety for plant

We can provide a review of your site's High Voltage work practices, procedures and switching instructions in reference to:

  • Adherence to Company internal policies and procedures;
  • Compliance against appropriate legislation, regulations and codes of practice; and
  • Industry best practice for standard operating procedures, safe work methods and permit to work systems.

Our reports provide a gap analysis and identify areas for improvement and recommendations.

High Voltage Knowledge & Skills Audit

We undertake knowledge and skills audits of personnel who are required to hold High Voltage authorisations or are required to work on or near HV apparatus. 

We can assist in mapping required skills to current experience and:

  • Develop a gap analysis
  • Design training curriculum
  • Design Recognition of Prior Learning strategies
  • Develop training materials and courses
  • Evaluate training effectiveness
  • Provide ongoing management of training programs and course material.

Visit our Learning and Development page for additional information about how these Skills Audits fit within a broader Competency and Training Management plan.