Learning Development Training Plans

Maintenance of Competency

We help identify the key skills that your business needs to keep current, and help you plan how to manage those skills be there when you need them

Leaders are concerned that employees working on large and complex plant will lose competency for high risk and low frequency plant scenarios. They see the need to regularly update workers' knowledge or re-assess against established competency standards. We are seeing far greater emphasis on competency maintenance in our large clients, as leaders reach beyond basic compliance training requirements and look to actively manage the technical skills and knowledge they need in their teams.

Thomson Bridge has an employee life-cycle approach to building and maintaining skills, expressed through the Thomson Bridge Competency Management model. This model helps organisations transform their 2-dimensional Training Needs Analyses into a long-term plan to build and maintain highly skilled employees. This happens through a process of examining the existing training programs and competency standards in place and identifying the high-risk low frequency events that really keep leaders awake. This information then informs an ongoing approach to skills development and maintenance.

Asset Competency Framework and Model