Micro short videos

Short video production

Overview: With micro-shorts, you’re free to create customised digital content in a low-risk environment. Our small film crew, L&D specialists and Subject Matter Experts work to an agile format to capture and convey key messaging without embellishment or distraction.

Video is a powerful medium when it comes to learning.

Understanding this, our team at Thomson Bridge are now producing concise training videos for our clients in the Electricity Supply Industry.

These videos illustrate technical information such as the operation of complex electrical plant. It’s also a great medium for conveying important themes such as safety leadership and compliance with company policies. They feature real people in your workplace environments.

We all know that video content prospers on the web amd uTube, but borrowing this content always presents a compromise, as you never get quite the right content or message that you’re intently search for. 

Our video service produces highly engaging content that is concise and relevant. These videos can be used to enhance face to face training or serve as a valuable reference source to confirm skills and knowledge prior to undertaking high risk, high consequence tasks.

The demand for contextualised digital training content has been elevated during COVID19 where our clients sought quality content that could be available on demand; accessible online via digital devices including smart phones. Other clients sought video content that could be embedded in online training courses. 

Our solution was to develop an inhouse video production service. Together with the skills of our energy industry subject matter experts and our L&D professionals, we have joined forces with our Design Studio partners, Sustainable Image and Wells Creative Studio to produce micro-learning videos. These digital assets speak to an individual topic in a 1 to 3-minute video. The concept is about “less is more”, and being clear, concise and not distracted by unnecessary embellishments.

Our production team are highly flexible and able to story board, shoot and produce videos that are professional and represent considerable value for money. It’s a service that is highly adaptable. We can easily add or amend a video library as procedures change, new plant is introduced, or safe work practices need to be conveyed. 

To date our video assignments have included switching of high voltage plant at Zone Substations and in the field, permit issuance, communication protocols between control rooms and field staff, and first aid, first response techniques.

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  • We aim to enhance learning experiences through the use of micro videos, 2D and 3D Images and animation.